Friday, August 21, 2009

Scotland Chapter 2

We boarded our plane to Edinburgh Scotland that night at 9 PM to fly over to the country I had always dreamed of visiting but was too afraid to go! I had never saw New York City and it was fantastic to see the city and the Statue of Liberty from the air. I was awe struck with what I saw, as we flew up the coast of New England it started to become dusk and it was so beautiful looking out the plane window at the Full Moon in the sky. As it became darker the full moon shown across the ocean waters into the inlets and the coastal towns had their lights on, and they were twinkling like Christmas villages! I was seeing something very beautiful and I knew I was seeing a rare sight I could not replicate again. It was just magic and I was enjoying the plane trip and I was so glad to see this beautiful site.

We settled in and got comfortable, wrapped up in our blankets and ready to sleep. My leg was still hurting but at least I had a big comfortable seat. I was so grateful hubby had treated me to first class now that I was not feeling as good as I would like.

I dozed off and on most of the night and as we got close to Scotland you could not see anything due to the clouds until just before we were coming down to land. It was so neat looking at the little farm houses out in the country side! Picture perfect I thought to myself.

We landed and disembarked the airplane at 7:30 Edinburgh time awaiting Richard and Angela to pick us up. They had about a 3 hour drive to fetch us and they found us about 8:30. I had ditched the wheel chair but my cane gave me away to them that something was not quite right with me. I just brushed it off and said "long story" don't ask. I must tell you I was in agony by now and my leg was huge from swelling. I think I hid it well and I hope I did.

We drove to their home in Banchory the scenic route and stopped at several little tea houses and a pub for a snack. The country side was so beautiful and the houses were just like out of a movie! I could not believe that everything was so adorable and how preserved the past was for them! I told hubby I love it here! I was hurting, but the beauty around me distracted me of it. I was in heaven on earth!!!!

We arrived at Richard and Angela's house and my leg was getting unbearably painful, hot and swelling. It was red and purplish on the back side of my calf. I think riding in the car with my leg down made it hurt and swell worse.

Ross went and spoke to Richard about it and said he thought I needed to see a doctor. They told Ross we had to call the NHS health care hot line and speak to them to get me an appointment with the local doctor's clinic in their town. We did and they asked questions and then made the appointment for the next morning in Banchory.

We got up and ate breakfast and then went to the little clinic. They took my name and then you wait to have your name called. They did soon enough and I had to go to Room 6, so I walked down the hall, painfully I might add, and opened the door. There sat a young female doctor who I explained my situation to. She examined my leg and said my knee is hot and how did I feel about my body otherwise? I told her if you cut my leg off at the hip I would be fine....she laughed and told me she had left her hack saw at home that morning.

The doctor decided we needed to go to the hospital in Aberdeen to get blood tests and maybe I need to get IV antibiotics! What!!!!! I don't want to go to a hospital on my vacation! She called them and told them to expect me. I think Angela and Richard could not believe it any more than we could!
Richard said lets go to lunch first. I must say that was a good thing, but it was the longest lunch I have ever had because I was so freaked out. I must tell you I am not much better about medical procedures than I am about flying.... need I say more?

to be continued........


  1. didnt you worry on a long flight like that about blood clots, with your leg so bad! owwyy!

  2. I think we were stupid now that I look back. My mom kept her opinion to herself but did not want me to fly.

  3. Welcome back! I missed you! How is the leg? Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  4. Okay, keep it coming, I want to hear all.
    I'm so sorry this happened to you. :-(


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