Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scotland Chapter 4

As I lay sobbing on my bed and looking at my hospital gown that I was told to put on I heard this sound from the other side of the curtain.... "who's crying, did you hear that? Who is crying?

Well, it was the two young ladies across from me. They were all worried that someone was crying. I replied saying that it was me, I am behind the curtain. They both said it was going to be alright and trying to comfort me and asked me what was wrong? I said I wanted to go home and I was going to be having surgery. They both responded with, "Ahhhhhh" and then said "where are you from, you have an accent"

Hubby opened the curtain and I faced them telling them that I was there from Oklahoma, in the United States visiting friend, and that we were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary with this trip. They really Ahhhhhhhhhed on that one. They wanted to know when I got to Scotland, and I told them last night I arrived to my friends house. They were sorry that I had gotten there before I even got a chance to see anything much.

We chatted back and forth and introduced ourselves. The older one straight across from me was Cherie. Cherie is 26 and had fallen down the stairs at her home after tripping on a toy her son and left on them. She had been home alone and said it took her 4 hours to crawl to a telephone to call for help. She had gotten a plate and four screws in her hip! Cherie works at a local school and is Mom to 2 absolutely adorable boys.

My Cherie

The next bed across was Isla (pronounced I la) and she and her boyfriend were in a car accident when a farmer pulled out in front of them on the highway. Isla had a broken back and Isla is a19 years old university student.

Isla Sweetie

Then the anesthesiologist came to talk to me before I went to surgery. She was a Indian woman and asked me all the usual questions before surgery. She asked my weight and I told her and she slapped her forehead and fell backward into the wall.......

Hubby said POUNDS not kilograms, which is about twice as much...that was a little humor, when I wasn't seeing any! I can still see her doing it and laughing to myself!

to be continued....................


  1. cant wait for the ending!

    Such torrture! LOL LOL

  2. I'm in tears @ this point; having lived in Scotland (& 2 other socialized countries) and had major medical procedures in that same setting. It is a nightmare. People don't realize what a blessing we have in the US and the risk we are facing at losing it. Can't wait for more of your story!

  3. When my baby brother had his clinic he had a sign above the scales...

    Pretend it's your I.Q.

    I think I need to make one for home.

    So sorry that you had to go through all this after screwing up the courage to fly to Scotland.


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