Monday, December 22, 2008


Well you all know how dedicated sports fans can be? I have 2 friends who are OU Fans clear to the core. I think they would bleed little OU droplets if they got cut. Well they had the neatest experience this past week and I am so excited for them. Here is the email and photos I got from Sherri today, which she fails to explain she had just had surgery and was really not suppose to drive to Wally World, and she said it was was way below freezing... but all for the cause. Joe, you know how lucky you are to marry a gal who loves football and OU as much as you do! :) She is a sweetheart!

Merry Christmas K.T. !

As you know, my spouse Joe and I are big OU fans. We purchased a 2008 Honda Gold Wing back in August 2008 with the intent to have it custom painted in Crimson and Cream - the University of Oklahoma Sooner's colors and logos. We contacted Jesse's Auto Body in Dewey and along with Rod Holland in Branson, Missouri, and they went to work on our bike.

Sherri & Joe

On Sunday, December 21, Joe got a phone call that 3 of the 5 OU Heisman Trophy Winners were at the local Wal-Mart signing autographs. Joe had a great idea, let's take the bike up and see if we can get their autographs. The temperature was freezing, but away Joe went on the bike, with me following in the car with camera in hand.

When we got inside, they had just cut off the line to possibly get an autograph. The autograph session was scheduled for 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm. We were told by Wal-Mart security that most likely the people before us would not get an autograph. Joe asked the security person if an exception could be made. The security guy suggested that Joe ask the PR guy who had scheduled the event. He manuvered closer to the Heisman winners and was able to ask their PR guy if he could get his motorcycle autographed. The PR agreed, but because they were on a tight schedule, Joe would need to move his bike behind the store where the Heisman's winners would be exiting the store to their vehicles.

In the meantime, Joe had called Jesse and told him what was happening. Jesse joined us behind the store with his silver sharpie in hand and his own autographed football in tow.

Joe and Jesse outside Wal Mart

As we waited anxiously in the freezing cold, who would exit first, but Jason White, the 2003 OU Heisman Winner. Facing the bike, Jason autographed the left side of the front fairing as I took pictures, he then had to leave in a hurry.

Joe, PR guy, Jesse, and Jason White

Following him were Steve Owens the '69 OU Heisman winner, (right signature) along with Billy Sims the '78 OU Heisman winner (center signature). Of course, we hope to get the 2008 OU Heisman Trophy Winner - Sam Bradford's signature sometime in the future.

Billy Sims shaking Joe's hand, Jesse admiring his OU Football, while Steve Owens signs Joe's fairing.

Billy Sims signing Joe's bike as he and Jesse look on in awe!

We were thrilled that Billy and Steve were cordial and glad to let us have pictures with them. As you can image, Joe is still on cloud nine. As he has told everyone, all he wants for Christmas is a 8th National Champship!

Billy Sims, Sherri, and Steve Owens


The bike in safe keeping until the BCS National Championship Game on January 8, 2009. If the OU Sooners defeat the Florida Gators, we will have to have the bike upgraded from 7 time National Champions to 8 time National Champions. At that time, Jesse will make the changes and clear coat the signatures for safe keeping.

Thanks for letting me share our fun experience. Hopefully you all will come by and see the bike in person after the final clear coat is applied.
Happy New Year!

Love ya!
Sherri Sue

Joe, I hope you get your Christmas wish!


  1. THat is AWESOME!!! I'll bet he is in heaven. I met Jake plummer at a bar once. I had no Idea who he was? hahahaha! My husband doesn't like him though. He hates that story. Tell your friend congratulations and I hope he gets his second wish!

  2. You should have some new visitors to your site as Joe and I have linked it to emails all over! Thanks for sharing our story. You know I think I have come full circle. I started my adult married life in Norman at OU, moved all over the Midwest, divorced, moved back to Bartlesville and met my Joe. There is nothing that make me more happy than family, life-long friends and OU Sooners! Boomer Sooner!


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