Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boys and their toys

My brother and his little blue 1953 Chevrolet taken in November.

He flew clear up to Washington State to buy that car.....

Thought it would make the drive all the way back to Texas. . . . . . .

He and his buddy got to California and guess what.....yep, that is when the truck and trailer had to be rented to get it home.

I will never understand why a grown person would think a 50+ year old car that he had never saw before would be a driver able go through the mountains, desert, etc.....but he did. I guess it makes for a larger repertoire of those adventure stories later on down the road! :)

He loves that little car and he always has had a project vehicle all the years I can remember. I noticed that he does not have the hub caps on it that we got him on EBay last Christmas! :0

The first one was a shell of a Model A that took years to fix.

That one was cute I tell you!

I remember the time he and my dad took it out for a little spin after it was done and an under age kid rear ended them in it Daddy's Caddy.....The seats collapsed and they fell backwards when that happened..... Uh oh.....

See what did I tell you, it makes for good stories later on!

Then there have been a few old pickup trucks after that.

Boys and their toys. . . . . . . .

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  1. I like the new Xmas look over here...and the Xmas music. I've been listening to it for weeks already (I know, I'm pitiful! :)
    I think the car is parents were into classics for a while years ago. They had a '64 Corvette Coupe (convertible), and later, an old 40's Ford Street Rod (which was shocking because my dad is a diehard Chevy fan! :)


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