Wednesday, December 31, 2008


You are not going to believe this, but I am not much on having New Year's Celebrations away from the comfort of my home.

I have always been of the idea that is the night for amateurs, and it is safest to stay home, even as a young adult I subscribed to that idea.

call it the odd side of me I suppose.......

I will not see you out tonight to wish you a Happy New Year, so I am sending my greetings here.

Me New Years Eve 1977

This photo was taken in December 31, 1977 getting ready to usher in 1978, and I believe it to be the last time that I have gone out to a public location for a New Year's Eve Party! Oh, dear I just figured out how long ago that was......maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut.....oh dear....too late now.

It was spent one snowy night at a disco club called Disco International! I know some of you who are going to read this were in fact there with me..... try not to remember! :)

It was in the height of Disco Music, disco dresses, platform heels , mine were shiny and a beautiful bronze color! Oh, my gosh I waded snow in shoes like these....I could not even walk in them now!

Hey look how far we have come in our photography and our cameras.. isn't that little Kodak 110 camera a hoot!

Oh, I have been to friends houses for New Years Eve, but normally it is just spent at home and my husband has usually already gone to bed........

That is how it will be tonight. . . . . z z z z z z

may the new year bring you all you want and need!

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  1. Oh Golly. Sure glad I got the
    Yahoo High Speed or I could not
    have seen this. wayne

    ps will show this to Louise when
    she wakes up from a New Years day


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