Monday, October 13, 2008

Has it been that long?

If I ever thought I was still young...I don't have long till I look old like these guys....No wonder I screwed up my page...look at Eddie Haskell, The Beaver, and Wally!

What happened to them!!! Is it that unhealthy to live in California? Must be the smog or something!

I am sure I am getting dementia now for sure! I think my Annie sent me this photo to screw with my mind! it worked...... a hum...

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  1. Whatever! You look nothing like those fellas! You are young and beautiful!! She is just messin with ya!! I felt the same way going to my ...well one of my class reunions! My hubby said I did not belong to that class! I looked way better! Sweet guy, I'll keep him around!


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