Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't Spit or it'll cost ya!

This Classical Revival courthouse in Pawhuska, Oklahoma was built in 1914. It has a very commanding position at the top of a high hill where you get a birdseye view of the town. The large grand staircase is its most unusual feature with 64 steps. Osage County is located in north central Oklahoma to the northwest of Tulsa. At 2,250 square miles, it is Oklahoma's largest county by geographical area. Almost 100% of the county, including this courthouse, is located within the Osage Indian Reservation, the only reservation that exists in the state. This is where we went to buy the house for my Mom from the previous owners estate. I saw this sign just as we were leaving the courtroom and headed down the stairs..........

I looked up and saw this and I could not believe my eyes! I guess we aren't civilized in the manner of all things sanitary....I started yelling at my husband, honey did you see this? I had to grab my camera phone to make sure I documented it! I have always romanticized Pawhuska to be part of the "Old West", but this was not what I dreamt about... :) I love going there still and we drive over to eat at Bad Brads , ranchers come in wearing their spurs, I just love the jingle jangle of spurs. I always tripped when I used to try to wear them, but I always was a Klutz! Hey, if you can walk and wear spurs I am impressed! Love them spurs! Osage County Oklahoma is where"Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" lives out on one of the big Drummond ranches west of Pawhuska and the Nature Conservancy Tallgrass Prairie. Check out her blog under my favorites. She is funny and has lots of great recipes, and she is also a great photographer. It gives you a romanticized view of life on a big ranch in Oklahoma

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