Friday, October 31, 2008

Galveston Island Rebuild and the beach

This is Zane this week at the beach in Galveston. Isn't he adorable, but notice how clean and pristine the beach looks after the horrible hurricane Ike came to visit. Jay is down working on the rebuilding on Galveston Island and Sarah & Zane go to visit weekends. It looks alot more fun than we had moving Ross' parents to a new place to live. We all worked our tails off, but I must say it was well worth it. The new place is very nice and I think they are going to be alot happier there. It is a very positive thing for them and the duplex is so adorable! They were in a cottage at a senior living development, but decided it wasn't for them. I totally agree and this is much more cheerful! Tomorrow is the garage sale.......... oh fun! :)

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  1. What a handsome!! The beach looks great! Amazing the destruction, it is so great to see it back to normal! I love Allison Krauss! Great choice! Good luck with your Yard Sale today.


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