Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's Adventure

We had our 1st bit of snow today for this whole winter!  It has been so dry here and every little bit helps no matter what form it comes in. 

Jackie and I took lunch to my Mom who lives across the street.
We had a nice lunch and when we went to go home, I had Jackie on leash, with a shopping bag full of Tupperware containers and a glass dish with a lid from previous food deliveries to my Mom.   I opened the door and Mom's Lexi darted out and would not stop!  She shocked me because she has never done anything like that before. She flew past Jackie and ran out into the street then down the driveway to our front door.  I thought she would stop there and wait for us.  Oh, not a chance...she turned and ran back up the incline to the side yard and down into the neighbor's yard behind the houses in a flash with me trailing with Jackie still on leash and a sack of Tupperware swinging wildly.  My neck scarf was flying and trying to blind me at times.  Finally I threw the bag of Tupperware down on the ground to help my speed,  Jackie was wanting to go the opposite direction and slinging me about.   Good thing for snow because we live in the woods and I was able to follow Lexi's tracks.....whew!!!!
My 87 year old Mom was following me the best she could, and  I thought I would see her fall, or drop dead in the snow behind me of a heart attack!  I don't really know how long it lasted but it seemed forever to me.  
(Mom thought she would find me dead in the snow)  
That is sad when your aged Mom thinks she is stronger than you are!

Finally Lexi got where I had her cornered at a neighbors front door and I nabbed her and told her what a bad dog she was...
she already knew by the look on her face.
I am too stove up to be chasing puppies in the snow down hills and over icy sidewalks!  Naturally the husband was out of town at a doctor appointment today.  He is usually my herder if one of the critters runs off since I had my knee screwed up.  Jackie is the escape artist but comes back after a bit.  I just worry about them getting run over by a car.  The dogs I had just previous to this never would do such a thing.  We are always so careful with our animals.  I have got to get some training for that pup, that is totally unacceptable behavior.

 I am sure the neighborhood had a good laugh at my expense if they were watching.  I can only hope they were all watching 
General Hospital.......

that's it for in the fast lane.  :)


  1. Every once in awhile they take us by surprise...those little rascles! harm done..I hope!

  2. Our dogs would do that. They think it is funny.


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