Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is This the Winter of Snow????

I just can not believe we have had so much snow this winter.  We had such a bad storm that lasted from Christmas Eve and stayed about 3 weeks, then we got hit with this last one last Thursday evening.  They had us scared to death telling us we were under a "state of emergency" because it was going to be this horrible ICE storm and then snow.   The Governor was on telling us to get prepared and how the state was preparing.  We all went out and got lots of groceries and stocked up on batteries.  Some people go buy generators in case the power goes off for a long time. 

Well we were lucky here we just got snow and there were no disruption of services.  The south western part of Oklahoma got the ice and lots of them are still out of power, in the dark.  I feel sorry for them, I hate the loss of power, NO TV, COMPUTER, CELL PHONE, LIGHTS, etc is horrible for most of us. 


 The snow was beautiful and it provided fun for the "girls" to get out and play.  I get out with them and we run around in the yard with them.


I am always glad I made this purchase years ago when vacationing in Red River, New Mexico.  I absolutely love my snow boots!  I have been shopping for another pair, because I love them so much.  My husband did not think I needed them when I bought them back in 1985.   I have never regreted buying them and I am always so excited to put them on, they have served me well.
They keep my feet dry when I chase wild dogs!


stay warm and safe!


  1. Wow, look at that snow! Love the boots and I LOVE Red River. I always went in the summer though. Never once in the winter.

  2. That looks so fun and beautiful, too! Enjoy!!!


  3. It has to be all of the global warming causing problems ! :)
    And I see we are back to purple blog- looks good.

  4. I love the boots, they look really cozy!

  5. I "do" love your boots!
    Looks like we're not finished with the snow yet!


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