Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jackie loves to tear up any form of stuffed animal that she can get you to give her...... (or not give her) this time it is her Christmas Monkey.....

 then she is utterly and completely

happy with herself.....

content that she saved us from 
the terror of having a monkey
attack the family.....

how can this face of innocence be such a heartless killer?

just the days work of a Jack Russell I guess..................


  1. How funny! I have never had a dog destroy any of their toys. My mom has one that would tear off their eyes. Jackie is so cute!

  2. LOL I love that face KT!! She is a hoot! And yes, they are called "Jack Russell Terrorists" for a reason! ;)

    Glad you are not frozen out there in OK- how is the knee holding up??

    Sending loves to you!

  3. hehe...those silly JRTs. Got a killer myself.

  4. That's so funny! Doom will have a toy for months and then one day just tear it up just like Jackie. Weird!

  5. My big dog tears up all his toys!! So he doesn't get new ones very often!!

  6. That is so funny! Why do dogs do that? I dogsit for a lab that I used to have to walk around the house and pick up white fluff from! :)

  7. It is true they are gut getters! Not happy untill the remains are scattered throughout the house. Growling the whole time.lol Yes my little Zoe is a the same way. No toy is safe. But you gotta love those innocent little faces...

  8. How cute. My dalmatian always tore up his stuffy toys. He would root through the grocery bags whenever I bought a new one... how he could smell that new stuffy was beyond me!

    One of our aussie girls loves to fetch. Over.and.over.and.over.and.over.again.and.again.and.again.and.again... well, you get the idea. For that reason alone, we cannot leave the toys laying around. She can drive us absolutely batty! :) But we still love her all the same.

    Love your pics here.


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