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Zoe my Mothers Miniature Schnauzer came down with diabetes in November.  I must admit it was a shock to me, because she has always been so healthy and strong.  She has always been a drinker but she has never tested positive for diabetes until then.   

Yes, I have always been neurotic about it, and would have her checked all the time because of Chloe having it.  Chloe was her full sister we took two puppies out of the litter of six.

 Chloe hanging out on the right and Zoe on left

Chloe was diagnosed with diabetes first then she just wasn't doing well and we took her to an internal medicine specialty vet who works by referrals.  After a while her specialist checked her for 
 Cushings Disease 
and it came back positive.  They said Chloe more than likely got the Diabetes as a side effect of the Cushings.  It was hard to regulate Chloe's diabetes and she took large amounts of insulin, plus the lysodern for the Cushings.

It was amazing how quickly Zoe who was a 20 pound hunk of muscle dwindled to a 14 pound bag of bones so fast it was scary!  I was very worried that Zoe would meet the same fate as Chloe who only lived about 9 months after her diagnoses of diabetes and Cushings.  It was weird also because Zoe was fine one day it seemed and then she started drinking a lot of water, had incontinence and when checked her sugar levels were over 650!  We put her on canine insulin called vetsulin and she wasn't doing well enough her sugar levels were still high.  When we took her in for an all day blood workup after about a month or so, the vet said there is some talk of the insulin Vetsulin being hard to get because there is a problem with it, and the FDA was getting involved, and it could run out of supply. Our Vet asked us if we wanted to try human insulin instead and I said yes, because Zoe was not responding well enough anyway on the Vetsulin.  Zoe had gotten so bad she had to wear a doggies diaper which she hated!  She doesn't like sweaters or anything and that diaper was really degrading to her!  I had bought that diaper for Chloe before we lost her.  I had to look long and hard to find a good one, but the internet is a wonderful tool for such things.  I highly recommend the Tinkle Trousers if you have a incontinent dog. 

After being on the human insulin Zoe is doing much better and
she isn't incontinent any longer and she is eating well and happy again.  She gets her shots twice a day and
She shows no signs of having anything other than the diabetes, which I am so grateful.  It was a hard job to get her back on solid ground but she is such a joy it was well worth the effort.


It has been so sweet too to watch Jackie watch out after Zoe and keep her motivated to get out and get some exercise.   Those two girls actually like each other and it is heartwarming.  I did not think at first this would be the case because Zoe hid in my mothers bedroom and would not come out when we came to visit.  That lasted until I came back sick from Scotland and I came with Jackie to stay at my mom's house because it was closer to the bathroom than at my own house.

Zoe has always been known for her beautiful long beard and eyelashes. 


well with all this sickness and not feeling good Zoe's beard was not looking so good and driving her crazy.
  She had to be hand fed because the dog food got stuck in her beard
so the other day I brought her home to bathe her and trim her hair, I brushed and brushed that beard

are you ready????? 

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  1. Sorry your babies are having health issues. We had a beagle that had cushings. I love the new doo on her!


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