Friday, September 19, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY September Babies!

Jennifer, Karly, Taylr, Beth, Robin, Debbie & Orva Lee, we celebrate the life and the spirits of these wonderful women. We are privileged to know and have in our lives. Birthdays seem to get closer and closer as the years go along. As Jack Nicholson said in the movie the (Bucket List ) "time goes as quickly as smoke through a keyhole". Enjoy their photos below as we wish them a happy birthday!


  1. Enjoyed your blog.

    I am an old friend of Beth and Orva Lee

  2. You are so aweet!! How thoughtful of you to mention me to your friend! I will check her site out now. I have been working on a few things for my Cowboy Christmas booth. I have to finish before I get on the computer! Or I won't even start them!! I can spend hours on the computer!! Thanks for being such a advocate for my art!! (watch out I keep telling my husband I need a manager!!) Thank you again!!


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