Sunday, August 8, 2010


Kelsey our rescue
We have been up to our eyeballs with dog hair.  Kelsey was blackish and white and she was a real shedding machine...I said I don't want anymore dogs that shed, especially white ones..... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wear black, I love to wear black as much as I love to sleep late and stay up late.....  My miniature schnauzers don't shed so I had gotten spoiled.  So then when Kelsey passed on I was sure we would just have Schnauzers from then on, Chloe was still fairly young  and so we were finally free of dog hair clogging up and burning out all the vacuum motors!  We went through several of them with Kelsey.  Dog hair is really hard on motors!


Chloe, Zoe, and Kelsey 

Chloe then soon came down with Cushings Disease and diabetes soon and within 6 months I had lost both of my beautiful girls...   We were then dog-less.

Well I was watching the morning news program out of Tulsa a few months later and they had this cute little Jack Russell on trying to find her a good home...
well you know the rest of the story........

How could I resist  those eyes??????

Yes, it was Jackie and does she shed white hair??????

Oh my goodness, yes, 
but our friend who is a Jack Russell owner told us about this product to help with shedding that they use on Ellie's food.  I got on line and ordered it immediately! 

It took a while to receive in the mail, but  it works, it worked within a week!  Yes, Jackie still sheds some but it is amazing how it works!  The online prices vary greatly but the link above has the best price I could find.  It took awhile to get it but well worth the wait.  Try it I think you will like it and they get so shiny too!
It is also for cats

That is my best tip of the month or maybe ever!


  1. I think of this every day...if we could only figure out how to market it!!! I wonder how that product works ...but then again who have to give it a go..when i get dressed to go somewhere I put my clothes on at the very last truck is a dog free zone....what we do for our dogs...

  2. "and did he give any advice on what to give to a jack russell for their attitude?" lol

    seriously, when people started bring little jacks to the horse shows, theres times where we were seriously considering "dog"napping just so there would be peace in the barn lol basically a bunch of us determined that they were little evil people in white furry coats trying to "hijack" the show!

    But im sure your jack is totally different...hmmmm? ;)

  3. I know what you mean about all the shedding but bless you for taking in that darling little JRT!

    I wish everyone would adopt from shelters.

  4. I hear ya! I have a samoyed and man the hair is everywhere. We are resigned to "eating" white fluff..
    but then again I think I might take KT's advice and give this stuff a try!

    We got "dexter" from a shelter; at the time a 1 and half year old purebred Samoyed who already was placed TWICE in homes and rejected because when left alone, he chewed...until we brought him home and kept him busy, and the chewing stopped :)

    now fast forward 7 years later and I wouldnt trade him for the world ~ he's my buddy.


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