Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank goodness for Friends Chapter 12

Typical of most of our days in the hospital it went fine.

My visitors were Ross (who came at 2 and never left except for the designated no visiting hours between 3 pm and 7pm.

The poor guy just out wandering around and trying to find something to do. He had told me the day before he met a woman who was there because her husband was in a horrible motorcycle accident over by Skibo Castle where they live.

The horrible thing was he was in a coma, but he had just came out after a week an she was so excited! They had both trying to find something to eat and found the cafeteria together and she had asked him if he were an American.. He told me she was nice, but she was wearing black and orange! I had to smile because Ross is very conservative, but he should be used to individuality in women's clothing by now...after all he married me!

She came by to see us in my room that evening and she was so cute and sweet, I liked her a lot! She wanted to know what we had planned on doing after I got out of the hospital. We told her we were going to Ft. William and the Scottish Highlands. She said do you know about the wee MIDGE'S and to look out for them? We did experience them and they are like a mosquito.

I just wish I could remember her name I would have liked to kept up with them. I saw her the next day also and she came in and we hugged and chatted it up.
My little angels Cherie and Isla wanted to know if I was related to her...

I cracked up to myself, because when I said, I just had met her the day before I think they thought I was odd being that friendly with a stranger. We were all there under duress with sick spouses in a strange place, so you show your feeling more when you are.

Richard and Angie came to visit bringing goodies to me. They are so very generous and brought me things all week. My favorite were the wonderful Thompson seedless grapes I devoured especially when I was on food strike! This evening I was presented with the most yummy box of chocolates from Thornton's and more grapes. I told them all about our "favorite Godzilla" nurse and they all checked her out.

Things had not changed with Godzilla this evening either. The weird thing is the nurses aids were not very friendly now either. Godzilla came in to give me my next to the last IV antibiotic to be pushed into my hand. I was thinking I will be so glad to get done with that IV tomorrow! IV Antibiotic time, Godzilla came in and pushed so hard that the antibiotic squrted out from under my IV bandage all over me! She then said to me, "oh we have to get the IV nurse in here to get a new one put in". I naturally said," not necessary because they can make up tomorrow morning with pills. She said no, I will talk to the doctor about it. I know she did it on purpose, but I didn't give it to her....I knew never to do that to her I was not strong enough to defend myself and I wanted to go to sleep sometime that night!

I had been given the okay to get up on a potty chair after they took my leg bandage off. That was no easy task to accomplish either.. I asked a nurse to help me get on it. She pulled the curtain and wasn't too helpful and said to call when I wanted back in
bed.... I said okay. This was about 1 am I believe, I called for a nurse, none came. I decided to help myself back into the bed which I accomplished somehow...still don't know how I did it. My leg dangling from a potty chair not supported hurt like the devil so I took my chances. I hung on to the railing and drug my self up there. I perched myself in the bed and wasn't sleepy so I got on the computer to type a few emails.

In about two hours I heard Cherie making her way to the restroom and her Zimmer was screeching. On the way back I heard her and thought she was having a problem. I couldn't see her because the curtain was still pulled around my bed. I said "Cherie are you okay" She said "yes I am okay". I laughed and said her Zimmer sure was hollering!

It was about that time Godzilla jerked open my curtain and started telling me to shut up and why was my curtain drawn!

She said I was going to wake someone. Well we had 3 of them that didn't hear too well and 2 of them talked in there sleep with night terrors!

I let her have it then, I said your help left me on the potty, no one came when I called, and I had to drag myself into bed and I can't walk. So do you want to be responsible for that damage and then there was this issue of the IV getting blown out of my hand. I said it all in a very nice way, and that surely ticked her off more.

When she stormed out Cherie told me she told them she hated my voice and she could not stand it.

When I told Ross, Angela and Richard the next day he said
," what is there not to like about a sweet American southern drawl?

gotta love it

Yes and I did get my new IV in before that night was over.......

to be continued. . . . . . . . .

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  1. Godzilla missed out on some good people just because of her prejudices. It's her loss... but still it would kind of terrorize you if she were doling out your meds...


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