Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapter 8 SCOTLAND

Man, I bet you would like me to decide to post on a regular basis!
Well truthfully I would too! I have had some small problems that hit me in a big way since I had surgery...

Foremost being I have been on Pain Pills for 2 months and I am trying to get off of them...
Not so pretty because it makes you ornery! For some reason you
don't sleep much after sleeping and being sedated for 2 solid months!

I have to laugh about it because no one else around me was....
I thought I was the center of attention,
Didn't you get that memo?

Okay, back to Scotland

I had my emergency surgery Tuesday night July 7th.
On July 8th I found out I do not like bedpans...

Okay, now you know that. Then by about Wednesday the cart nurse (who brings all the pills you are to take for PAIN and such) started trying to give you pills to loosen up your bowels.

Well, I told you I don't like bedpans....
They sure aren't going to get into that whole ball of wax!
I would take my laxative pills and I got real creative with hiding them in my toast,
or in my night stand. I know they would just give me the stomach ache,
but I am not going to take a chance of the other thing a bedpan!

They took blood samples to check the infection levels every day. It was Thursday the the 9th that my blood work came back that the infection was better in my blood,
thank goodness for all the prayers being said for me at home!

Today, Thursday Cherie was able to get out of bed with a Zimmer.
( fancy smancy word for a walker in Scotland)
I said what is a Zimmer, and they laughed their heads off! Cherie said," Karen it helps you walk!
" I said "well, in Oklahoma that is a walker and they cracked up laughing!"
Isla said "Karen you are too funny"....
After that I called it a Zephyr and that really got them laughing....
The girls would say "Karen, a Zephyr is a car!"

giggle, giggle, giggle

I love those 2 girls!

To be continued. . . . . . . . . .


  1. HA~ you didnt feel our pain here KT- you were on the pain meds ;) (I'm KIDDING!!)

    Thanks so much for the prayers coming our way, and please know that we are praying like crazy for you over our way too!!

    Bed pans = E-V-I-L. Period!! Right there with ya on that!!

    Have fun with your Zephyr!!

  2. I hate taking pain pills. I couldn't wait to quit taking them after I had knee surgery. They do make you a totally different person!
    Sounds like the women at the hospital were a lot of fun!!

  3. Adding to the pain meds, most of them constipate you and that's bad...

    I'm right there with you on the hating the bed pans for any of the jobs, but no way the big one... I wonder why we are that way? When I had my tonsils out, probably about 7 years old, the only thing I remember about being in the hospital was the nurse brought in a bedpan and there was a lady from church there with momma and I was not going to get on that thing with other people in the room... Silly.

    You are doing a great job on this story. We've had so much rain the past few days that I've had trouble catching up, but I'll be looking for 'the rest of the story'.



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