Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A trip to New Mexico

My husband and I went to New Mexico October 6 to visit some of our oldest and dearest friends who live north of Albuquerque.  We were to meet up in a beautiful little ski town of Red River, New Mexico for the annual Corvette weekend, full of road trips, visit a Raspberry farm and just have fun. 

 We arrived a day early and it was a beautiful drive out through the Oklahoma Panhandle, yes, I said beautiful.  
The photo above is of the Gloss or Glass Mountains just west of Enid, Oklahoma.  We went a little out of the way because I had heard they were really pretty.   There is some controversey as to the name given to them by a Scotsman who had a dialect hard to understand.

 Most people don't believe that Panhandle and beautiful go together, but I love the diversity of the scenery.

Then we crossed the border into New Mexico

shots from Springer, New Mexico

When we arrived in Red River the Aspen trees were beautiful
with their gold and orange leaves!

How can you get any more beautiful than that?

more to come...

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