Friday, August 19, 2011

Who wants to sweat??????

This has been one of the, no let me correct that, the hottest summer in the history of our state of Oklahoma in recorded history, plus Oklahoma was recorded that July as the hottest state with the highest average temps ever recorded in the history of the lower 48 states! That being said we haven't done much all summer, it was just too hot to want to do anything much.  You get in the car and you just about hear the water sizzling out of your body!  We had several days well over 110 degrees and one day was 116 degrees. 

This is just the weirdest thing because we had a state record low of -27 degrees in our town this past winter also......  I like seasons of change but this is just too drastic.  

Really the only thing getting done around here is that we have been getting a deck built and I am excited about that and it should  be finished next week.  We still have to put up the iron deck railing, the steps are not done yet, and the side facing the photograph will have a screen for privacy to the neighborhood side.  Plus we are having stone foundation laid at the base to cover the under side.  Our friends Keith and Mike are doing the carpentry and as usual they are doing a great job.  

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