Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree.....(S)

Last year there wasn't a tree at our house because I was still sick with my Staph infection fiasco so it was exciting to get the Christmas tree's up this year!

This is my little Western tree I have next to my desk, and I think it is so cute!

This is my big tree that has all the ornaments collected over the years of my having my very own trees as far back as before my husband and I married.  Some of my most precious things on this tree are the tree skirt and the handmade felt ornaments my husbands grandmother made when she was in her 80's.  

It is so fun to have the twinkle of lights and the magic of Christmas in the air. 

I like to decorate the back yard as well.....

I hope you find the magic of the season and have a
Merry Christmas! 

It is really feeling like Christmas this evening
because the cold weather has moved in with high wind.

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