Saturday, November 13, 2010

Take off your Spurs and Stay awhile...

Our guest bedroom was fussy with blue and white porcelain with light yellow walls.  Very traditional and feminine.

  When we started our remodel I decided I was going with a Western  theme.  We had discarded our headboard when we got a King bed and I decided to resurrect it with hair on hide and nailhead trim and use it for the guest room.   I made a paper pattern to cut the hide to size and attached it with Barge glue.  Since the headboard was pressed wood with a veneer over it I had to rethink my just nailing....I had to actually drill every hole for the tacks because the nails would just bend and not go in.  It was a very time consuming process but worth the outcome.

The semi finished project,  I still have to make a cover for the window seat and a Roman Shade for the window.  I have a few more things to hang on the wall, but I am happy so far.  Notice in the top photo there was a door where the window seat is now. I have prints on the wall you can't see here that are a cherished gift from my dear "TrainWreck" over at Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets blog.  
I am lucky to have several ultra talented artist friends, makes me feel so inadequate but we all have our strengths I guess, just don't know where mine are yet....!!!! 

Oh heck,
I will show you that wall so you can see what a great artist she is.


  1. I want to come and stay in that room- wish I could figure out when :)

  2. Is that trunk from your bedroom in Dewey? It looks familiar. Love the room and the headboard is fantastic!

  3. Love the made-over room KT - what a transformation. You are very talented and obviously have an eye for interior design!

  4. Oh man KT- that is just AMAZING. Don't know where your talent is???? Ummm... LOOK IN YOUR HOME!!!! It is beautiful, and all done by YOUR talented hands!!!

    So when I win Lotto, can I hire you? ;)

    Much love to you, Oh Woman of Many Talents!!

  5. You did an awesome job on the headboard!! I love it! Would love to see it when you are done.

  6. Oh that headboard is GORGEOUS! You are so sweet to have my work on your walls! I am humbled. You are very talented! What a wonderful room!

  7. The room turned out very nice!! I love it! I have been wanting to re-do my master and the guest room for quite a while now. I just can't get motivated. One of these days!!
    Love the art by Trainwreck! She is awesome!

  8. What a great job you did! TW is so awesome, isn't she. I'm jealous of her talent.


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