Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wish I had that much energy!

We are still having tons of fun with Lexi since she joined the family!  She is one funny little spoiled princess and my mom is adoring her, even though she is wearing the pants off my mom! 

I think we must have forgotten just  how precocious and busy a puppy can be!  She seems to be very smart and I think she is going to be a great watch dog.  She already notices everything that isn't in it's normal place or anything out of the normal around the yard.  

She gives Jackie a good run for her money also.  They are doing very well hanging together and Lexi is so involved on doing all the BIG dog things Jackie does....

Now it is okay for me to jump around but you better play nice Jackie...I'm just a little bitty girl!

No, I don't wanna come down there where you are!
How about tug o' war???
Finally nap time!


  1. Lexi is the cutest thing!! I love her!

  2. Really cute but exhausting I'm sure lol

  3. She is gorgeous :o)

    Looks as though your Mum has a lovely 'adventure playground' garden for her to explore

  4. Nothing quite as fun as a puppy! She looks adorable!

  5. Schnauzer butts drive me nuts! Lexi is coming along great. I love how she carries her tail so high. My SueSue also carries hers high and it makes them look so alert all the time. What a doll!


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