Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been so busy working
painting and getting my mom's house ready to sell.
I asked Jackie if she would help me and this is the look I got......

That is kinda what I thought she would say.....


  1. Uh-oh! Jackie looks a little mad!!!

  2. Jackie doesn't look to thrilled to help you paint! I'd give you the "look" too! Ha! I actually don't mind painting, although it is hard work!

  3. Woo hoo... Jackie must have been wrung in on painting before... and she knew how to let you know just what she thought about you asking.

    Thanks for the laugh... The look is priceless.


  4. Ha Ha
    No girls she did not want to help me!
    I tell you I get no respect!!!

  5. Haha! Pepper, my Jack, tends to give me the same look. And yes, she is the ultimate terrorizer of the cat! Luckily the cat is quick enough and smart enough to get away.


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