Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of "visitors" in the Wildwood

Here is MaMa watching the babies

Today we had twin fawns up near the house to entertain us. It still amazes me what a joy it is to have unexpected "visitors" come to the house! We have had a lot more wildlife coming around the house than we have had for quite some time. I imagine it is because we lost both of our dogs to heaven this past year. We have raised a den of foxes this spring, we still have visiting raccoon juveniles at night, and now the fawns and their Mama. Maybe we will have quail back this winter if we are lucky! I know most country people would think "big deal", wildlife, but we live in town and so it is exciting to us! I think my new zoom lens Ross bought me is working out. You are not going to believe I get most of these shots through the windows while I am in the house! That keeps the deer from smelling me and running away!

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